What’s the value in having values?


This morning in assembly I spoke about the journey we are just starting, where we hope to become a values based school.

We also spoke about how this means more than just being kind to each other and saying please and thank you. (Although these are still extremely important qualities to have!)

I’d really like to know what you think we can all do to work together in achieving this goal.

Remember to be realistic with your ideas. The things we do have to be achievable and make a difference.

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12 thoughts on “What’s the value in having values?”

  1. Mr Evans we should have the year 5 children to check if we are a value base school and if there are children not getting on they can try and help.

  2. Each class could decide on a responsibility to do each term. For example, Leopards could make sure no one was lonely at lunch time and break time.

  3. Hi Mr Evans,

    I think when people aren’t very nice to someone, the person they are not being nice to should talk back nicely all of the time. This is because they won’t get in to trouble and it shows the person who isn’t talking nice that this is not how to talk.

    I think we should all respect each other.

  4. I agree with Lionel but if they say it’s abuot you and someone else you should say sorry and ask if your still freinds or freinds again.

  5. These are all really sensible suggestions, thank you. We will definitely make sure we make these a focus of our work on Values.

    Don’t forget to come and get a Top Blogger sticker from me for commenting!!

    Mr E.

  6. There millions of awnsers but it means (ill pick out some) being kind being ,carefull with other peoples toys and stuff dont just threw rubbish on the floor

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