Park and Stride…

This morning was the perfect day to launch our Park and Stride scheme, which we hope will encourage our children and their parents to walk to school if they can.

It was amazing to see so many children ready and raring to go! 48 children took part today, which was a fantastic turnout. Well done to you all!

Our town Mayor Cllr Julie Riley and Lodgy the Lion came out to lead the way. A huge thank you as well to Miss Sturgess, Mrs Bagley and Mrs Simpson-Woodland who organised everyone and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Let’s see if we can have even MORE children taking part next month when we run it again!

2 thoughts on “Park and Stride…”

  1. i walk to school by myself same as half of the class so i dont park and stride but i think that the people that live far away from the school it would really be great if you parked somewhere near tesco and walk from ther because we just want to take away cars from the road so the air is fresh and safe

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